Taxi Rondo offers you a variety of different transfer services, such are a taxi, shuttle or VIP transfer and transfers on contract.

About us

Our company CITY TAXI LJUBLJANA is working with transfer services for more than 18 years and is one of the best in the business. We offer you modern and best quality car stock with cars from middle and higher ranking class. Beside transfers of people, we also offer you transfers of your packages to your destination or make sure your youngest family members have 24/7 car transfers. We can also help you make your company bigger by giving you an option to advertise your company name on our cars. For more information, you can call as on +386 70 900 900, our free number +386 80 900 900 or via email at

Laguna + Rondo, d.o.o.
Ulica Gradnikove Brigade 15, 1000 Ljubljana


Tax number: SI63461951
Registration number: 8981230000 

Our services


We can offer you different types of vehicles: limousine, caravan, minivan, which compose a great car stock from Mercedes E Class, Audi A6, Škoda Superb etc.

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We can offer you shuttle transport to all the hotels and hostels in Slovenia and for those who have a bit expensive taste, we offer VIP shuttle transfer.

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Our VIP services are one of the best in Ljubljana. We offer you modern and luxury cars with an option of hiring the car with your own personal driver.

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Airport transfer

Airport transfers are only for transfers from airport to your staying or all the way around. You can also have VIP airport transfers that we offer you under shuttle transfer.

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We can help you with your company needs. If your company has an everyday ride of your employees or business trips, we can make a contract and start our partnership with you today! Every month you will get an invoice with all of transfers specification for the past month, which you will have to pay in next 15 days.

You can read a contract by clicking button below and if you have more questions we will gladly help you via email ( or phone call (+386 70-900-900 / +386 80 900 900).